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About us

1990 VOP Co. established.

1991 Obtained permission to manufacture technical equipment for Russia and Switzerland.

1992 Started producing dental lab equipment.

1992 Introduced the first furnace for metal ceramics on the market.

1993 Started the production of muffle furnaces.

1994 Registered in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

1995 Started producing machines for centrifugal casting with HF melting of the metals.

1996 Introduced a milling machine on the market.

1997 Obtained ISO 9002 Certification.

1999 Developed and introduced automatic manipulators for the electronic industry.

2002 Introduced the furnace for press ceramics Ceramicmaster Press on the market.

2003 Transformed from VOP Co. into VOP Ltd.

2004 Became a distributor of a range of world companies - manufacturers of equipment and consumables.

2006 Developed two new machines: new casting machine LC-Cast 600A of higher quality and new model of furnace for ceramics Ceramicmaster E1000.

2006 Developed a new machine: new generation of separator for plaster moulds with laser marker SlitPrecise SP100.

2011 Introduced a new machine: wet and dry polymerization unit Poly AM.

2012 Developed a new machine: Programmable dental furnacefor sintering of zirconium ZirconMaster S

2015 Developed a new machine: table top casting machine LC-Cast 600T.

2015 Obtained ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

2016 Introduced a new model of furnace for ceramics Ceramicmaster E20.

2016 Mr. Nikolay Vatsov became an Executive Manager.

2017 Introduced a new model of furnace for ceramics Ceramicmaster E3000.

2018 Obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certification.