LC Cast 600A
 LC Cast 600A 1

LC Cast 600A

Automatic dental casting unit with high frequency induction melting and centrifugal casting

  • designed for casting of dental Co-Cr, Ni-Cr and precious alloys
  • both manual and automatic mode of melting
  • automatic maintenance of optimum power
  • automatic casting mode
  • autonomic cooling system


  • crucible tray Ref. № 062000035
  • ring gripper Ref. № 062000037
  • crucible Ref. № 062000038
  • silicon ring №2 Ref. № 062000039
  • silicon ring №3 Ref. № 062000040
  • silicon ring №4 Ref. № 062000041
  • graphite insert Ref. № 062000042
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Power supply 110/230V±10%, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 3kW
Minimum alloy quantity in the crucible 7 g
Maximum alloy quantity in the crucible 80 g
Crucible type for dental alloys ceramic crucible
Crucible type for precious alloys ceramic crucible with graphite insert
Maximum time for fully melting of 30 g dental alloy 60 s
Cooling autonomous distilled water cooling
HF power setting for melting automatic/manual
Motor acceleration setting manual
Casting automatic
W/D/H 620x620x1060 mm
Weight 135кg