In nowadays rush business environment and non-stop increasing competitiveness service is becoming a key factor for success. One of our company basic understandings for prosperous and stable business model is described in our mission statement: “VOP Ltd is aiming to provide its customers with fast, quality and reliable service at a reasonable price. Fast reaction to any customer request and twenty-four seven support is our goal which we are improving through constant internal and external training”. Having our mission as a base we are constantly trying to improve our services to our customers in order to shorten our reaction time and the period of service with the aim to minimize our clients’ losses. Our goal is to be able to react and solve 80% of the cases in the limits of one working day both domestically and abroad. On the other hand VOP Ltd is requesting from its dealers around the world to have qualified service technician for service and maintenance of our equipment who are trained in our factory and whose abilities are proved by special certificate issued by VOP Ltd. In this way we can be sure about the quality of service provided to our international customers.

Ivan Danchev

tel. +359 723 66305
mob. +359 888 249 774

Nikolay Michkov

Casting unit

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Nikolay Hristov

Furnace for dental ceramics

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Nikolay Stoyanov

tel. +359 723 66305