Mission About us Team


VOP Ltd produces high-end quality devices at an affordable price for individual dental technicians and dental labs. Our customers can rely on products which are user friendly working horse devices and at the same time designed with robust features and durability for long time exploitation. By constant improvement of our equipment we are successfully trying to be up to date with the newest technologies in the dental field and to keep our hand on the pulse of the new trends in the industry.

Through the short decision track established in the company and its flexibility VOP Ltd is aiming to provide its customers with fast, quality and reliable service at a reasonable price. Fast reaction to any customer request and twenty-four seven support is our goal which we are improving through constant internal and external training.

VOP Ltd is always searching for close and personal contact to its clients because with us customer’s opinion matters. Our target is to create a win-win situation for both the customer and the company in order to satisfy at a full extent the needs of our end users.

We can implement the above philosophy only by constant improving of our team qualification through training and delegation of personal responsibility to each member of VOP Ltd. By ensuring direct access to the Management to each employee of VOP Ltd an individual approach is guaranteed. On the other hand nonstop improvement of the working environment and the internal program of social benefits are laying the foundations of better motivated and dedicated team of professionals. A bonus system is introduced for the employees for higher motivation and fair acknowledgment of the individual efforts of each one of them.

VOP Ltd is also concentrated on ensuring long-term development and financial stability and independence to the organization and its owners by constant development of new up to date products and establishing its own brand on the world dental map.