SlitPrecise SP100
 SlitPrecise SP100 1
 SlitPrecise SP100 2
 SlitPrecise SP100 3

SlitPrecise SP100

New generation of model saw for plaster models

  • laser guidance of the cutting
  • cutting from the bottom up
  • connection to aspiration unit is possible
  • specialized safety system during cutting operation


  • diamond disk DFS Ref. № 110000001
  • diamond disk Nuova Ref. № 110000002
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Power supply 110/230V ±10%,50/60Hz
Power consumption 200W
Maximum revolutions 10000 rpm
Maximum depth of the cut 26,5 mm
Width of the cut 0,3 mm
Diamond cutting disk Ф85хФ16х0,3
Laser class 2
W/D/H 290x320x170 mm
Weight 10кg