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Poly MAX

Wet and dry pressure polymerization unit

  • polymerization unit for wet and dry polymerization
  • completely automatic process
  • two stage polymerization
  • microprocessor control of the temperature and polymerization time
  • suitable for all types of flasks
  • a whole articulator can be put in the unit chamber


  • sealing ring  Ref. № 041010013
  • metal filter    Ref. № 041010018
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Power supply 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz
Power consumption 1220 W
Working chamber internal dimensions Ф 225 mm, H 168 mm
Chamber volume 6,5 l
Maximum working pressure 6 bar
Programmable working temperature from 40 up to 125°C
Programmable time for polymerization from 1 to 99 min
W/D/H 390x450x340 mm
Weight 28.7 кg